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A new writer just beginning. Find it difficult to blog political correct, plastic "what everyone wants to hear" type blogs. Most times I'm happy. Sometimes I am sad. Injustice angers me and not everything I write is gospel. I state my opinions BUT these often change as I learn. Best to say what you want, then fake an apology when required, as taught by todays media. The slight negative tone you read here is because I'm not yet fully awake and I had a bad dream.

Road to publishing update blog.


Today the 17th of October is the day I received a hard copy of my book.


Printed in Charleston, SC. USA on October 15th and in my Swiss postbox this morning.   WOW!


I got two actually. One for wafting and the other as your parents most probably once said, for best.


It is a rare position for me to be in at the moment so please understand and indulge my gloat.


I have NEVER achieved anything in my entire life.  Although in a manner of speaking surviving my past is in itself an achievement.


A fanciful childhood notion that I could one day become a writer, good, bad or ugly has come true.  I’m wafting as we speak, one moment whilst I waft some more.


By the way, MY new book smell smells like window-putty, not at all what I expected.


As I have not pitched it to anyone I have yet to receive a knock-back so my dreams of glory are alive and intact.  No idea when my bubble will burst but until it does I’m going to continue to imagine greatness and relish the view from this lofty pedestal.


I’m not even asking family and friends to buy it. Strangers yes.


I’ve been promoting it like a fool for over a year now not sure of the benefits however every blog tells me I should have started plugging my novel at least two years prior to it’s launch.  And has it helped???    


So after eagerly approving my cover which was crafted and designed by me “on the cheap” £16.67 or $27.50 for the iDraw app and a wee bit of time. My paper book was accepted.


Then I noticed the text wasn’t justified squarely but jagged.


For me this was fine but first impressions matter a great deal.


Right from day one I have been consciously attempting to knock down preconceptions… Self-published eBooks have a bit of a bad rep too.



Add to that my dodgy subject matter and I literally feel crap penny novelist clawing at my heels attempting to clamber over me.


Do I allow them to push me back into a quagmire of eBook dirge? No I most certainly do not.


Lucky for me uphill battles are my forte.


So here I am a brazen uneducated working-class whore trying to convince book buyers I have the eloquence and whit of Oscar Wilde when I barely have the intelligence to recognize my own stupidity.


Now there will be a small delay whilst the presses re-ink the blocks in a nice orderly fashion. Desperate for my book to fit … The irony grates…


A subversive rebel who said fuck the world goes cap in hand looking for acceptance… no customers…even worse.


It’s late, I’m “impaired” and losing the thread of this blog…


Yeah, so this rash error of mine created two “one-offs”  J


****Special PROPER Limited Editions*** 


The first two printed copies of PAULYANNA: International Rent-boy. 


There was no print edition numbers to mark it as a first edition, which is a shame. But hey these have a printed date stamp which works for me. 


I craftily wrapped the first one back in the original packaging for when I’m a washed up old has-been, assuming I have a roaring success on my hands.


Then after languishing from the profits in a drug addled stupor for a few years.  Wasting everything, I’ll flog it on UBS Bay or whatever it’s called by then.


So here they are my proof copies, my wafting copy is getting rather bendy.


-I expect it out on Amazon one week after THEY clear it for a 2nd time. Which should be tonight.


(Unlike my excellent novel this has not been professionally edited, so please excuse any typo’s)





I have decided not to compose long blogs as they don't deliver the instant gratification a simple Haiku does.


OK, so the cold winter is moving in… Time to cozy up with a good book.

Read my 140,000 professionally edited word memoirs.

There is nothing more frightening than real life.

OUT NOW! on Amazon and Smashwords. Paper version very very soon. 

Source: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/364165

Made fresh today. The sun came out after days of rain.  


I don't blog much as hours of construction yielded less attention that my Haikus... 


My new book is two weeks old so forgive me, actually understand that I am plugging it.  


Paulyanna: International Rent-boy.  




Review for Paulyanna

Paulyanna International Rent-boy - Paul Douglas Lovell

A modern, entertaining, upbeat memoir 

28 septembre 2013 Par S. J. Dagg 

It couldn’t be better timed that Paulyanna: International Rent-boy by Paul Douglas Lovell has been published exactly 100 years after Pollyanna (by Eleanor H Porter) first hit the literary scene. And yes, Paulyanna, coined by one of Paul’s friends, is a clever adaptation of Pollyanna. Paul is Pollyannaish through and through. And that’s a real word – Pollyannaish. It’s in the dictionary. (Check if you don’t believe me!) It means someone who’s incorrigibly optimistic and upbeat. And that’s what Paul is.

Paulyanna follows Paul through early adulthood as he begins to make his way in the world. Emerging from an underprivileged childhood in the Midlands, Paul heads to London to take up his first job as a kitchen porter. He’s delighted to be in the city, where he’s free to be himself – to be independent and to express his sexuality. From portering he moves on to barwork and later a responsible job in the music TV industry, but increasingly he comes to rely on his alternative career as a rent boy to support him.

A character himself, with his strength of personality, slightly unconventional interpretation of the Catholic faith and strong belief in karma, Paul encounters some equally fascinating people along the way. Some are good, generous and sympathetic, others less so. Others, such as his friend Richard whom he calls his ‘partner in crime’, are a bit of both. He travels to Spain, Holland and America and his amazing eye for detail really comes into play here in his depictions of the appearance and atmosphere of the places he visits.

Drugs, streetlife, friends succumbing to Aids, loneliness – there’s a tough, gritty element to the book but the overall impression is of hope and cheerfulness. The Pollyanna in Paul won’t be beaten. As you read the book you’re rooting for things to turn out well for Paul who doesn’t ask for much – a settled loving life with a husband and a dog – so when the dark, handsome Michael turns up, you’re holding your breath. Will he be the one to cement Paul’s happiness?
The book is so well written. Paul’s style is easy to read, ranging from the poetic to the pithy. He’s a great companion through the pages of the book. This is a thoroughly modern, entertaining memoir that I recommend to everyone.

Source: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/364165